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Flat waist bags {#60} in pack cloth (weather proof and virtually water proof)   

Dimensions of bags ( horizontal width x vertical lenght/height x depth/thickness), sizes, waist belt sizes -- default belt size is small:
small: # 60sm $ 15.00 {6" x 4" x 1.5"}
medium: # 60md $ 17.50 {7" x 5" x 1.5"}
large: # 60lg $ 20.00 {8" x 6" x 1.5"}

Built in belts are adjustable 1" wide nylon strapping with very durable acetal side release buckle and slider. belt sizes:
small fits waists 22" to 30" -- included in above cost
medium fits waists 30" to 42" -- $ 2.00 additional
large fits waists 42" to 56" --- $ 3.00 additional

please be sure to order the appropriate belt size as the base bag comes standard in the smallest belt size. For ex, if your waist size is a 42 and you order the large bag be sure to the medium belt.

The default waist belt size is small and is included in price. For size medium or large simply select this in the cart and you'll be charged the incremental amount.

Top opening zipper with key ring on zip slider, double stitched, finished seams.
optional additions:
inner small credit card slots $ 5.00 (pictured just below)
outer zippered pocket (the entire width and height on the front of the waist pack): $ 5.00 for the small; $ 6.00 for the medium; $ $ 7.00 for the large (pictured below)
add inner hook or dee ring to inside (great for keeping your keys, flashlight, etc. organized) $ 2.00
add 1.5" wide reflective tape (500 candlepower) to the outside (one side only) $ 5.00

see options to add details here

pack cloth (virtually waterproof) colors: black, navy blue, deep purple, dark forest green

flat waist fanny pack bags {60}
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: small-fanny-pack

Price: $15.00
Shipping Weight: 0.40 pounds
select bag size:
small $ 15.00
medium $ 17.50
large $ 20.00
small + outside zippered pocket $ 20.00
medium + outside zippered pocket $ 23.50
large + outside zippered pocket $ 27
select belt size:
small fits 22 to 30" waist
medium fits 31 to 42" $ 2.00
large fits 43 to 56" $ 3.00
main colors:
navy blue
deep purple
dark forest green
  add small credit card slots inside $ 5.00
  add hook inside $ 2.00
  add dee ring inside $ 2.00
  add reflective tape to outside $ 5.00
weather-proof fabric in 3 great sizes to keep all of the small stuff handy and organized!
small, medium, large
and 3 adjustable waist belt sizes
optional outside zippered pocket
reflective tape

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