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insulted cases for carrying epinephrine

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epinephrine {EpiPen®) holder pouch/case

They hold either the two of the traditional EpiPens® as pictured below OR two of the Auvi-Q™ auto-injectors (one of top of the other).

main dimensions total / pocket size: 4.5" wide/horizontal width x 8" vertical length/height x 1.5" depth or thickness

All insulbrite insulated, lined and padded for awesome insulation, covered with pack cloth inside and outside, keeping the epinephrine at a regular temperature, regardless of weather conditions, standard!
Durable zippered closure
Standard 1.5" wide webbed belt loop on back (you can also place the belt loop on a back pack strap, purse strap, waist bag strap, etc)
Standard hook on back for easy clipping to almost anything.
Option to have belt loop/hook moved 90 degrees so bag is horizontal on waist

TuffBags epi pen carriers are a great insulated case for people who must carry epinephrine injectors as the result of food, bee, peanuts, tree nuts or general allergy. holds 2 @ autoinjectors plus a one dose benadryl pack or small amount of benadryl pills; also can hold an inhaler chamber (check measurements of your chamber) instead of epipens

New options: 1 @ zippered pocket on outside in matching main color fabric. outside regular pocket that can hold an inhaler, small bottle, medical card, and/or benadryl tabs. This pocket can also hold an ipod if no liquid bottle is put inside this zippered pocket :-)
optional adjustable sling strap 1" wide nylon: size small adjusts from 20" to 35" (great for a child); large size adjusts from 36" to 70"; optional sling strap works with either belt configuration. The sling strap can be used across your chest (measure to very which size you need) or as a waist belt.
For the flexibility of waist wear OR sling wear select the sling strap option below (same sizing as above).
Now you can have the medical alert information sewn on to the case! You can also add a clear pocket / pouch that you can insert your medical information, person's name etc. in to. Note that you will provide this information on your own index card.
>>>only one medical label, clear pouch and/or zippered pocket per bag<<<<

>>>INSULATED<<<: protection from heat or cold.
For heat place pack in top of a cooler or a cooler pocket or tray. You can walk along the beach, be near splashing water, etc. without any concerns. (you may wish to place it in a plastic bag to keep any melting ice away. While the fabric is weather proof and durable water repellent it is not completely water proof).
For cold place the pack underneath outer clothing, near your body, or inside a coat pocket. Please contact your physician or pharmacist for specific temperatures and how to care for your epinephrine injectors.

pack cloth colors: black, red, navy blue, royal blue, deep purple, neon pink

NOTE as of June 1st the medical label will read: Medical alert Epinephrine Injector inside.

see our epi pen waist carrier pouch bag

Last 3 pictures: optional clear window pouch for medical information and name; very last picture shows pouch on waist using sling strap

epinephrine insulated Holder Pouch carrier case
epinephrine insulated Holder  Pouch carrier case Quantity in Basket: None
Code: epipen_case

Price: $19.95
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
main colors:
navy blue
deep purple
bright red
royal blue
neon pink
  add medical alert label $ 5
  add clear pocket $ 5
  add outer zippered pocket $ 7
  add small removeable sling strap $ 6
  add large removeable sling strap $ 8
Clip your epinephrine injectors such as EpiPen® anywhere and keep them protected and handy! Comes standard with insulation, belt loop and hook!
carrying options available as well as an additional zippered pocket, medical alert label, and clear pocket for personalization
Now in royal blue and neon pink pack cloth!

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EpiPen® is a registered trademark of Mylan, Inc. Tuffbags® is not affiliated with Mylan, Inc. nor does Mylan, Inc. sponsor or endorse TuffBags® products.
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