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College Teams Kippah yarmulke traditional styling collegiate Team fabrics {#208NFL}

main dimensions: approximately 7.5" diameter, 11" from one side over the top to side

Fits most kids from age 3 through adults

100% high quality designer sports fabrics; fully lined with plain coordinating fabric;
one size fits most from ages 3 and up/diameter is 7.5"

Traditional, standard style that sits on the back of your head.

NOTE: the teams that have next to them have only 1 to 3 available. Should you wish more of these I may be able to order the fabric. Please inquire before purchasing, thanks! For the teams that say fabric is on order please feel free to purchase in advance and note that your order will take 2-3 weeks to get to you.

Syracuse University kippah Syracuse University Big Orange yarmulke University of California Berkley kippah UC Berkley yarmulke Ohio State kippah Ohio state plaid yarmulke Ohio State yarmulke Ole Miss kippah university of Mississippi yarmulke Kent State University kippah KSU yarmulke University of Louisville kippah Louisville Cardinals yarmulke University of North Carolina kippah UNC Tarheels yarmulke Northwestern University kippah NU Yarmulke University of Texas kippah UTEX yarmulke university of Virigina kippah UVA yarmulke University of Michigan kippah Michigan yarmulke Louisana State University kippah LSU yarmulke Florida State University kippah FSU Seminoles yarmulke Michigan State University kippah MSU yarmulke Kansas University kippah UK yarmulke University of Florida kippah UF Gators yarmulke Texas A & M university kippah Texas yarmulke University of Southern California kippah USC yarmulke University of Alabama kippah Bama yarmulke university of Georgia kippah Georgia Bull Dogs yarmulke Georgia Tech University kippah GT yellow jackets yarmulke University of Arizona kippah Arizona yarmulke University of Miami kippah University of Miami hurricanes yarmulke University of Wisconsin kippah Badgers yarmulke UCLA kippah UCLA Bruins yarmulke University of Kentucky kippah Univ Kentucky yarmulke University of Oregon kippah Oregon Ducks yarmulke Penn State University kippah Penn State Nittany Lions yarmulke  Auburn University kippah  Auburn Tigers University yarmulke university of Virginia kippah university of Virginia yarmulke Kansas State University kippah Kansas state university yarmulke University of West Virginia kippah UWV yarmulke University of Missouri kippah Mizzou yarmulke Baylor University kippah Baylor Bears yarmulke

NCCA College team kippah or yarmulke
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: college_kippah

Price: $16.00
Shipping Weight: 0.15 pounds
select college team:
UNC Tarheels
University of Mississippi Ole Miss
UTexas Longhorns
U Michigan wolverines
Michigan State Go Green GO white
LSU Tigers
U of Louisville Cardinals
FSU Seminoles
University of Alabama BAMA
Texas A & M Aggies
Univ Southern California
Georgia Tech yellow jackets (limited)
Univ of Georgia Bulldogs
UCLA Bruins
Univ of Miami Hurricanes
University of Kentucky Wildcats
Syracuse University
University California Berkley
Ohio State white background
Ohio State red plaid
Penn State
Univ West Virginia
University of Maryland (limited)
University of Cincinnati (2 left)
University of Colorado (3 left)
East Carolina Univ (2 left)
Northwestern University
University of Pittsburgh (2 left)
Oklahoma State University (limited)
University of Florida
University of Oregon Ducks
University of Wisconsin Badgers
University of Tennesse Volts
Arizona University
Auburn University Tigers
Kansas State University
Kent State University
University of Missouri Mizzou tigers
Baylor University Bears
College official teams kippah or yarmulke: Syracuse University, Kent State, Ohio State, Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Texas, Florida, LSU, Michigan, Northwestern, University of Miami, Michigan State, University of Michigan, BAMA, BayLor University, Mizzou. University of Auburn, Kansas State University, and more!
Great yarmulkes for March Madness and for the Fall football back to school season

This is not a NCAA or college/university licensed product. It is however, handcrafted from NCAA or college/university licensed fabric. I/TuffBags am not affiliated with or sponsored by the NCAA or the related college/university.
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